Ray Gun magazine by David Carson

Ray Gun was an American alternative rock and roll magazine, first published in 1992 led by founding art director David Carson. David Carson is best known for his innovative magazine designs and deconstructive typography which are still used today. What David Carson did in Ray Gun magazine was to experiment different typographic designs in the magazine. The result was usually a chaotic, abstract style and not always very legible style, but it was definitely distinctive in appearance, which is very important for a magazine. When Carson left the magazine after three years, his follower art directors Robert Hales, Chris Ashworth, Scott Denton-Cardew and Jerome Curchod, continued the tradition for compelling visuals.  

Ray Gun produced over 70 issues from 1992 to 2000. The content of the Ray Gun magazine was also innovative. The subject matter in Ray Gun was cutting-edge advertising, musical artists and pop culture icons. Ray Gun was in front of its competitors by putting artists like Bjork, Radiohead, Eminem, PJ Harvey on its cover page. Even though since 2000 we can’t see the magazine on the shelves, David Carson’s influential graphic design work and so-called “grunge typography” are widely-imitated aesthetics today.

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