Constructivism and Architecture

Emerging as an artistic movement in Russia at the beginning of 20th century, constructivism influenced many different people. Especially for graphic design, it had great influence for new techniques. Another area that constructivism influenced was achitecture. Eventually what Constructivist art had attempted to apply was a three-dimensional vision to abstract materials with a different element. The 1919 proposal for the headquarters of the Comintern in St Petersbur by Vladimi Tatlin was the first Constructivist architectural project symbolised revolution in both architecture and Russia. The new forms that Constructivists created started to symbolise a project for the Soviet Union in the mixed economy. Also in Europe many architects influenced by El Lissitzky in Germany and Switzerland designed buildings, considering them to be constructivist. They used Constructivism’s geometry and technologic aesthetic and created Western Constructivism. The fall of constructivist movement in Russia was because of the widespread criticism of Modernism. By the end of 1920’s, many buildings were build by Constructivist style and many buildings of this period survive.

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