There are many different aspects of the Renaissance. Also many different artists, architects, writers and technicians influenced the transition from medieval to modern times. Encyclopedia’s always took my attention. Many families in Turkey have the encyclopedias that newspapers give out, but none of them had the influence on society like Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d’Alembert’s Encyclopédie. The writers of the Encyclopédie successfully spread their belief in the potential of reasoning. Even though they had no interest in radically reforming the French society, Encyclopédie lead to the French Revolution. I think it’s obvious that the contributors of the Encyclopédie saw it as a vehicle for providing all man kind with knowledge. In the Encyclopédie there are three main branches of knowledge. Memory/History, Reason/Philosophy, and Imagination/Poetry and most significant fact is that theologhy is listed under Philosophy section. This automatically makes religion as a subject to human reason and also by putting “Knowledge of God” only few nodes away from “Divination” and “Black Magic” shows us their point of view significantly.

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