Illuminated Manuscripts and Ottoman Calligraphy

When I saw the Illuminated manuscripts on the web page of the va312 class, they reminded me of the Arabic and Ottoman calligraphy that I studied in the major works of Ottoman art class. Illuminated manuscripts are texts that are supplemented by the addition of illustrations like miniatures. Of course the styles of these two are completely opposite, but the main goal in both of these writings is to create something that looks good. As the majority of the manuscripts and calligraphic work are of a religious nature, they were also done by the patronage of wealthy individuals and emperors.

Islam is a religion which focuses its followers to learn the natural text of the Qur’an which is Arabic. Since the beginning Qur’an and Islamic culture also tends to be against figurative art. Calligraphy, which is only formed by beautifully written text, is one of the most known arts of the Islamic culture. Also in Turkey, as the heritage of the Ottoman culture, it’s one of the last survivors of Ottoman arts that still live.

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