Hieroglyphs: Writing the Words of God

Hieroglyphs mainly refer to the writing system consisting of graphical figures like animals, objects, people or gods. Even though the Greeks discovered the Hieroglyphs in Ancient Egypt in 300BC and gave the name (‘hieros’ meaning holy; ‘glyph meaning carving) to it, Egyptians were not the only ones that used Hieroglyphs as a way of keeping records. They were first used by Sumerians in Mesopotamia. Their main goal in using this writing system was to record agricultural products and registering births. This writing system was widely used by Sumerians, Assyrians and Babylonians 5000 years ago and it led to the birth of linear and cuneiform script.


Sumerian Heieroglyphs

Pictographs are the drawings of things with their literal meanings. A picture of a dog can mean just a dog, but also another things and this means that not everybody could write these symbols. Hieroglyphs was much more complex and detailed in Ancient Egypt than the ones in Sumer and this was why the scribes in Ancient Egypt were high ranking members of the social hierarchy, ranking same with the priests.


Ancient Egypt


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